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Consumer Insights

Understanding consumer behavior at the point of sale builds credibility with retailers by enabling them to see what’s important to their customers.

Consumer Intercepts
  • We have had great success conducting interviews at the point of sale, because the context of a relevant venue ensures realistic and open responses.
  • Capture consumer buying behaviors, usage patterns, purchase trade-offs and expressed preferences.
  • Intercepts allow us to target key consumers and develop a dialogue in which we may probe for valuable information.
  • Consumer interviews usually last 10-30 minutes and consumers are most often motivated by a cash value incentive.  
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Store Observations
  • Observe consumer shopping patterns including movement and time spent, product interaction, and the importance of end-caps or promotional displays.
  • Track consumer’s final shopping choice: brand, pack type, size, etc. (consumer basket analysis).
  • Develop consumer behavior patterns by channel, focusing on impulse driven versus convenience versus on-premise.
  • Evaluate “hot items” – products that attract the most consumers in a given period.